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Over the centuries many of our Scaife/Skaife and variant named family members have left Britain - either to improve their lot, or through persecution, or to join other family members who have settled abroad. I think that I am correct in saying that the Scaife Study Group have no knowledge of Scaifes living outside Britain prior to Elizabethan times. The general presumption, therefore, being that our homeland is Britain from Time Immemorial, i.e. the 12th Century.

We have many families living all over the world today, and their interest in genealogy often produces details of how their ancestors left the homeland and arrived at, well, everywhere, such is the spread. Sailing records, for example, are reasonably well documented, but unless this is a particular study, finding a Scaife on board a vessel can be a stroke of luck when individual family records have not been provided by the traveller.

I think that our website Forum might be an ideal medium for collecting emigration information. Viewers could give details of date; ship; port of departure and arrival; name of Scaife passenger and family; etc. - in fact anything that might be relevant. Such an entry might be brief, or extensive.

An example might be:-

1853 June 26th “The Kangaroo” from Dover to Melbourne, Australia. Reginald and Amy Scaife. (see Scaife Sentinel August 1998)